Founded in 1973, the Mt. Lebanon Police Association was formed to facilitate friendship and cooperation among the members of the Police Department so that the public may be better served in the consideration of law and law enforcement.  It serves as a medium for the exchange of thoughts, ideas, information, and experience with Police Administration, the Commissioners, and the general public who live, work, and play in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  Its primary mission is to promote charitable, educational, and social endeavors that advance the interests of the community and police work as a profession.

Other than Police Administration, all officers also belong to the United Police Society of Mt. Lebanon.  It is important to note that both of these organizations exist simultaneously, yet separately.  Officers who hold positions on the Executive Board serve in the same capacity for both groups.  Monies donated and dedicated to the Mt. Lebanon Police Association are maintained in separate and distinct accounts.  Such monies are earmarked solely for the benevolent purposes noted above.


Under the auspices of the United Police Society (UPS), Mt. Lebanon police officers receive collective representation related to employment wages, benefits, and working conditions.  The UPS is solely funded by payroll deductions taken from the officers.  Mt. Lebanon Police Association funds are not used for labor purposes.